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SSJ Profile ImageHi I’m Sarah, a 30-something living on the Connecticut shoreline with my awesome husband, our rambunctious son and the two best kitties around.

I tend to describe myself as a “semi-crunchy” mom.  What does that mean?  Well, I seek out natural alternatives when it comes to caring for myself and my family.  This means clean and organic nutrition when possible, minimizing artificial and processed foods, reducing chemicals in our cleaning products and taking a holistic approach to healthcare.  However while these things are a priority to me, modern conveniences, medicine and foods are also equally important.  I’m addicted to my technology, cupcakes are a way of life and two Tylenol can do wonders for a sore back from carrying a baby around.

On top of being a mom, I’m a big time foodie, a health & wellness advocate, Disney & Harry Potter nerd and an all around sarcastic perfectionist.  Some of my favorite things include putting my feet in the ocean, cooking tasty food for great people, a vodka martini, EPCOT Center (yes, the original), all things cats and CrossFit.  I’ve been writing on the interwebs for a few years now at Running at Disney and as a guest writer for many other great sites, but recently I felt a calling to dive into something new and Simply Sarah J was born.

Here I share my life, my thoughts and my passions.  That could be the messiness of motherhood, natural living tips, my favorite recipes, or just some plain, old silliness…who knows.  I’m on a journey to find my best self, become a better person and uncover new adventures.  I will always be a kid at heart and just want to have fun in this journey of life!  Won’t you come along with me?

Oh and by the way…if you’re wondering where the “J” fits in, my middle name is Joanna. 🙂

Be Rad!

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DISCLOSURE: While I often give my personal opinions on healthy living, nutrition, and fitness, I am not an expert in these areas, nor am I a medical doctor, nutritionist, or personal trainer.  My goal is to help motivate people to make better choices in life, have some fun along the way, and inspire others to BE RAD.

All opinions on Simply Sarah J are 100% my own and I strongly believe in honesty of relationship, opinion and identity.  Occasionally I am compensated for product reviews and events, and I will fully disclose when a post is sponsored.  You may also find affiliate links on this website, which means that I will be compensated if you make a purchase using that link.  Being RAD is about being honest to yourself and others, which is what you will always find here!